We feel you. We are you.

For years, 17 to be exact, we shot weddings with the intention of pleasing and adhering to the status quo. We were able to provide a service that catered to the norm and yet deep down we knew there was more begging to be captured. We were one of the first on the scene when documentary/journalistic wedding photography became a thing in the early 2000s, because we wanted to be a fly on the wall of your day, photographing the rawness that presented when you weren't aware of the camera. Now we are bringing this to the forefront and making it our lead chariot, to remove all shackles and show it all. Beauty is a byproduct of love and we see it in everything therefore it is our goal to reveal all the unexpected magnificence within and without.

floral clutched in a vice in a workshop at a winery in Niagara
guest couple relaxing in the vineyard
bride adjusts her veil
close up of floral dispaly
floating floral display in front of stone wall
groom with two other groomsmen pose inside the Ancaster Old Mill
bride places hands on cheeks of father before wedding ceremony
portrait of elderly woman looking off past a window
elderly man and woman embrace before kissing
groom dressed as a geisha with fan embraces bride
groomsmen dressed in kilts pose in archway at University Hall in McMaster University campus
cat poses outside with dark fur that looks like a mustache
groom and groomsmen embrace in a friendly kiss
bride poses among all grass staring down the camera
groom valiantly looks off camera during portrait in black and white

New orleans

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Toronto - Distillery

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san francisco

08 / 09

Linds + Rand Engage

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