Karly + Sean board the ferry for Toronto Island despite the cold

These two said $%*@ it! and took to the wind and waves destined for Toronto Island...

The only thing colder than a Canadian winter is the very thought of cold weather before it actually arrives. Karly and Sean knew these shots would be worth the chill, and they were right. They got beautified, him in a suit and her in the same dress her mother wore. They danced on the boardwalk and kissed to stay warm.

couple hold hands during vow exchange
newly wed couple hold hands raised in the air
bride runs up grazzy hill towards groom
bride and groom embrace camera aware
groom dips bride on lawn on Toronto Island
Bride walks towards ferry boat heading to Toronto Island
couple kiss with CN tower clear in the distance
Bride dances with father on the ferry boat ride over to Toronto Island
floral piece positioned on an old bench
bride and groom lean over side of boat with Toronto in the background
newly wed couple sit exhausted and embracing eachother on the ferry boat
couple pose and kiss at the edge of the ferry boat