We want to help!

We have been photographing weddings for a while and there isn't much we aren't familiar with. We love working with couples visiting for the first time, and we are happy to not only photograph your day but help with planning the right timing and locations to make the most out of your elopement adventure!


Where do I start?


You can contact us through the form on the INVESTMENT page. From there we can setup a time to meet and hear all about your vision.

How many hours do I need?


We have many years experience and are happy to share our insight on your schedule. This process is meant to be fun and reassuring, we are here to help.

How do you determine the cost?


Cost is based on and not always limited to; The locations of these events, the overall size of your wedding (bigger wedding = more time needed to capture everything), the length of your ceremony, the number of speeches, as well as the special events that may take place at the end of the night once speeches are over (belly dancing, sword throwing, etc). Not to mention our 17 years experience.

Do I need two photographers?


Humbly put - When you meet us, you’ll want us both. It's the truth. Not only will you have two artistic perspectives on your day, but it helps smooth things logistically behind the scenes. Many times, we will both be taking photos and there will be other times where one of us will be the creative director and the other will be shooting. Our technique is an artistic dance throughout the day.

How many images will I get?


The quantity of images you get varies depending on how many hours of coverage you book. The longer weddings yield more images and this number will be unique to each couple and their day. On average, a 3 hour wedding usually yields approximately 400 images and a 10 hour wedding can yield up to 1,200 images. You will receive the images in a high resolution jpg format.

How long does it take to get them?


First and foremost we are artists. We tell you this so you are aware of the attention to detail and quality we assure. Each image serves as its own work-of-art and is individually edited for correct color, exposure, and composition. This can be a time consuming process, but we do love it and respect it. The sneak-peek is delivered shortly after your wedding day (sometimes 24-48 hours) and the average turn around for a wedding is 6-8 weeks.

How are the photos delivered?


Our photos are housed and delivered using an online database called Pixieset. Since it’s birth in 2013, we have been using it and to top it all off the company was crafted in beautiful British Columbia. We are proud to support this amazing Canadian company. This system is very reliable and user friendly. The high res images are delivered directly to your email.

Will you travel outside of the province/country?


Will can go wherever you go. This includes out of our locale that is GTA, Ontario, Canada and North America. We are both avid travelers and have photographed all over the world. From our experience, bringing local trusted photographers comes with a huge logistic benefit smoothing out any unforeseen.

What equipment do you use?


We have proudly used primarily Canon Cameras to photograph our events. This includes both the top rated cameras and both L glass + Zeiss lenses. However, while nice gear is great, it is just a tool for creating. The real magic happens behind the camera! We also record duplicates to multiple cards at once so your photos are safe on site. In all of our 17 years we can proudly say we have never lost a single wedding photo.

Where do you suggest we print our photos? Can you do this for us?


Prints can be ordered through us. We work with a local family run printer who specializes in film and traditional silver halide process. This can all be done with ease through our site.

Do you make photo books?


At current time we do not make them ourselves however we can source those who can do that for you.

We hate getting our pictures taken, how do we prepare for this?


You can sign up for our 10 week course, just kidding! We have been told that we make this part quite easy. We have experience photographing people of all ages and comfort levels. We come with a variety of tricks up our sleeves, but mainly it has to do with distraction. Anyone can take a great photo and it is just a matter of helping them relax and distract enough from their own mind that ultimately makes for a fun experience, that just so happens to lead to amazing photos.

Do you only photograph weddings?


We primarily focus on wedding photography; however, we both started photographing anything and everything with texture that could lead to a good story. We can also shoot corporate events and family functions so don’t hesitate to ask about those. We have many years of experience shooting bridal showers, Bar-mitzvahs/Bat-mitvahs, baptisms, anniversaries, birthdays, you name it! We have seen it all.

What if the weather is terrible on my wedding day?


We love a rainy day, fog, wind, overcast, snow and of course the sun. What we mean is that we know how to pivot. We have learnt over the years that it is best to embrace the weather as it comes and be prepared (umbrellas, bare feet, fur). This makes for the most impactful images when dealt an unexpected hand, and really, the best stuff comes from that which we never saw coming.

We have specific questions about our event. Can we call you?


We would love to set up a meeting and chat further with you. There is little we haven't seen or experienced in the wedding department and are happy to share what we know.

How far in advance do we need to book?


Sooner rather than later. Due to the limited amount of weekends in a year, we strongly suggest booking us as soon as you have a date!

How do we book you?


You can book us by contacting us though the website! We will then contact you and set up a date and time to meet and begin the process.

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Sharing how we do what we do is a very personal experience in itself and we are excited to reveal that to you.