Wed in Veradero > Honeymooned in Havana
couple share an intimate kiss in wheelchair while visiting cuba

Stella + Chris defying all odds in Cuba...

Cuba has a patina like no other which holds a vast but intense history, if the cracks could only talk. Havana was an emotional backdrop that created a time-warp experience for all of us and we will never forget how Stella + Chris sealed the deal while overcoming all physical odds. A true inspirational love story.

young kid plays in sand on the beach
wedding party partake in afternoon swim while at the beach in cuba
bride and groom hold eachother on the beach at sundown
groom pushes bride across beach in wheelchair built for sand
bouple practice their dance while in wheelchair
bride travels to ceremony in wheelchair while in cuba
hippie looking couple pose watching ceremony take place in cuba
bride wheels down isle with bridesmaids at her side
beach front ceremony in cuba
groom holds brides head up in back of car ride
kids dance on the street in Havana Cuba
bride poses in the dark under lamplight
guest dances and poses at the podium during reception
bride shares a moment with her mother in Havana
artful shot of hallway as guest hides behind wall