She’s tiny and can sneak into those hard to fit spaces, though more often than not she ends up in the heart. Her speed and stealth give her ninja-like abilities with the camera that lend to her uncanny approach to capture candidly. She can appreciate the rule of thirds and seeks symmetry where most don’t. Her mix of patience and impulsivity are the perfect balance to capture the moment she is set on. When she’s not biking at uncomfortably high speeds around the world she’s texting with her dog, Arnold.

Amanda part owner of Being wedding photography cycling on the beach
Part owner, Amanda's dog Arnold sitting on the beach
Amanda taking photos while travelling in europe



His skills go beyond the camera and the images he creates. He is an inventor, builder, meditator, and painter. He strives to translate the world around him into thought provoking stills from behind the camera and in front of the canvas. He has trained his eye for not only those obvious emotional moments but the in-between segments that often go unnoticed. He is an appreciator of texture and a lover of truth… and his cat, Ziziuś.

JD Howell part owner seated amongst fallen trees meditating in the Bruce Trail
JD Howell's rescue cat smiling for the camera
JD Howells painting and sculpture studio at the Cotton Factory in Hamilton Ontario Canada