New Orleans

Sometimes all it takes is a good ole potluck dinner and a great DJ to have a banger in the bayou
Intimate evening twinkle light reception setting outdoors in the 9th ward in New Orleans

Two families gather in the swamp to create a magical southern wedding full of heart, soul... and gumbo.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina ravaged much of the 9th ward leaving most of the upper east side destroyed. Many families had to rebuild their entire lives. For us this wedding was proof that love can heal even the biggest geological catastrophies a community can experience. This was a relatively simple home wedding, in a backyard with a tent... however an incredibly powerful display of southern realness. If you are a photographer you will know that truth reigns above all. The blood, sweat, and tears within the beautiful decay makes for the most profound photo experience. To date this is our favorite wedding.

groomsmen play seated around playing guitar before wedding begins in New Orleans
fishing boats parked in the 9th ward New Orleans
close up of groom's tattoed hand playing guitar
best man putting shirt on before wedding ceremony New Orleans
stuffed monkey hangs on mailbox roadside in New Orleans
a silhouetted bride and her mother tie up the back of her dress in New Orleans
Bride looks at her hair being done in the mirror New Orleans
elderly couple sit amongst family waiting for the wedding to begin New Orleans
wedding guest with full neck tattoo and fedora hat
a vintage chandelier hangs from an old tree above the outdoor alter in New Orleans
bridesmaids laugh together on the sofa before wedding in New Orleans
two young boys swing outside in their wedding suits in New Orleans
elegant elderly woman is escorted to her seat by large bearded man in New Orleans
young girl crouches beside an older man as they watch the bride walk down the isle in New Orleans
father walks bride down the isle during backyard wedding in New Orleans